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Gel-oil scrub

Innovative exfoliating face and body gel scrub that turns into oil with a light massage in the first application phase and then into milk by mixing it with water. A surprising texture that combines the exfoliating property of sugar with the nourishing and emollient power of Avocado and Sweet Almond Oils and the freshness of a moisturizing milk.

SKU code ARO202127 Packaging 200 ml tube
  • Impure skin with imperfections
  • Skin in need of regeneration
  • Asphyxiated skin
  • Glow less and dull skin
  • Exfoliation and tissue regeneration
  • Soft and smooth skin
  • Uniform and radiant skin

SUGAR – Its crystals gently exfoliate, eliminating dead cells and promoting cell renewal; moreover, by dissolving in contact with water, they nourish the skin making it softer and more hydrated. AVOCADO OIL – Precious vegetable oil with nourishing and regenerating properties that make it particularly suitable for dry and mature, devitalized or sensitized skin. On the most fragile skins, it has a softening, protective action against the aggression of atmospheric agents, giving elasticity and softness. Furthermore, the strong normalizing capacities of the hydrolipidic film make it a precious ingredient for all cosmetics intended for restoring physiological softness and skin hydration. SWEET ALMOND OIL – Thanks to the high acid composition essential fats, it has highly moisturizing and emollient properties. It is also rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin B, phytosterols and antioxidant substances that prevent skin aging and contribute to tissue regeneration.

Apply Sugargel Scrub on dry skin of the face and/or body. Massage until the gel turns into oil. Then moistening the skin with water, the product turns into milk. Rinse thoroughly. On the body, it is recommended to apply 1-2 times a week; on the face once every 10-15 days. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes and the skin is not intact. Rinse immediately in case of irritation.


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.518 B-TONE

Treatment with a restructuring effect in two synergistic phases. The upper oily phase, enriched with Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Rosa Mosqueta oils and a compound of fermented oils (Olive, Argan, Sunflower seeds, Korean herb Glycyrrhiza Uralensis and Shiunko), combats the onset of stretch marks and nourishes the skin in depth, making it soft and silky. The lower aqueous phase is instead enhanced with the special Architekt Define Technology which combats the effects of gravity by restructuring the elastic fibres, stimulates the synthesis of new collagen and improves the skin's natural hydration system, making it more compact, toned and firm. Thanks to its innovative twophase formulation, it applies easily and is quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy residue.

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Intensive treatment against skin blemishes related to advanced cellulite. A targeted formula based on NOCTURSHAPE™, a biotechnological active ingredient of marine origin tested for its effectiveness in counteracting nocturnin, the protein responsible for the accumulation of fat during the night. It also contains Caffeine and Carnitine, known for their high lipolytic power, and the Collagenase enzyme which, by selectively breaking down the amorphous collagen around the fat cells, favors the degradation of the fibrous nodules .516 CELLUNIGHT, applied every night, helps reduce the annoying "orange peel" skin and improves skin elasticity and tone.

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Home use cosmetic treatment formulated to act against the imperfections caused by cellulite, even at an advanced level. Its formula contains an innovative delivery system that encapsulates Phosphatidylcholine which, thanks to its properties, is able to dissolve fat by reducing the size of adipocytes. Associated with Caffeine and Carnitine, it promotes the metabolism of fatty acids, counteracting their accumulation in adipose tissue. Its formula is also enriched with the Collagenase enzyme which promotes the rupture of the amorphous collagen bundles which, by compressing the adipocytes, contribute to the formation of fibrous nodules.


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Arosha Method

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