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Contact thermography encapsulated liquid crystal

Cellulite detector is a contact thermography system protected by an international patent which allows to detect and classify the thermal signs of cellulite, to localize treatment areas which require greater attention and propose to a client all treatment possibilities.

SKU code ARO900014
  • Liquid crystal display microencapsulated
  • Flexible PVC Support
  • Dimensions of each band: (L) 235 x (H) 140 mm
  • Display size: (L) 135 x (H) 110 mm
  • Special photographable display
  • 1 Cold plate gradient from 27.3 to 32.1 Cº
  • Hot plate gradient from 30.3 to 35.1 C
  • Resealable rigid packaging
  • User Manual
  • Ambient Thermometer
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Arosha Method

Arosha Method

A professional, unique and distinctive Method. Combining science and technology, Arosha has developed a THREEPHASE strategy, applicable for face and body. RESET, RESTORE and ATTACK constantly supported by CHECK UP and BOOST to give result-oriented, synergistic action


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Arosha Ambassador

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