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Reset Body
Professional use


Body Lipogel with an enveloping texture that combines the exfoliating power of brown sugar crystals with the precious sweet almond and rice oils. The micromassage action exerted by the
sugar particles mechanically removes dead cells from the epidermal surface that hinder oxygenation. It also promotes physiological skin turnover, smoothes the skin and has a purifying
action by freeing the skin from impurities. Sweet Almond and Rice Oils make the skin soft, supple and velvety.

Restore Body
Professional use


Rich massage cream formulated with specific active ingredients with draining and vasotonic properties that help improve microcirculation and promote the drainage of excess fluids.
Thanks to NIOCONTROL™ technology, an innovative delivery system based on Niosomes, it makes the functional principles contained better and gradually available, for an optimal result.
Moreover, thanks to its refreshing effect it is ideal for giving intense and immediate relief to heavy legs.

Attack Body
Professional use


Intensive professional slimming and anti-water retention cosmetic treatment. It contains the innovative SLIM COMPLEX that helps improve skin circulation and Caffeine with a lipolytic action that facilitates the destocking and melting of fats. Its formula is also enriched with Carnitine and compounds of essential oils that promote the drainage of liquids while vegetable oils and shea butter nourish and improve the elasticity of the skin, leaving it smooth and compact.

Professional slimming abdomen treatment Lipofit to reduce abdominal fat
Attack Body
Professional use


Professional slimming treatment created to combat and treat localized adiposity on the abdomen and related imperfections. Thanks to the synergy of its components, it promotes the reduction of localized fat deposits on the stomach and hips, reactivating the skin microcirculation, improving the elasticity of the skin tissues, and thus favouring the redefinition of the silhouette. This aesthetic treatment is ideal for those looking for effective methods to reduce abdominal fat. Also ideal for men.