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Program to treat skin blemishes caused by advanced cellulite

Professional program with dual activity, lipolytic and collagenolytic, specifically developed to counteract skin blemishes due to the more advanced stages of cellulite. It contrasts the "orange peel" appearance, reduces the visibility of subcutaneous nodules, improves skin elasticity and tone.

SKU code ARO101011 Packaging 2 pantacartene, 1 pants 120ml, 1 refill 120ml
  • Fibrous cellulite
  • Sclerotic cellulite
  • Slimming
  • Lipo-reducing
  • Volume reduction
  • "Orange peel" reduction
  • Degradation of fibrous nodules

Leave .332 LIPOLYSE and the package of the selected bandage as per protocol in a bowl of warm water for 2 minutes. It is recommended to prepare the client by performing a mechanical peeling on the legs, abdomen and back using the Arosha body
Spray .106 GLYCOLIC ACID on the area to be treated. Leave to act for 4 minutes and remove the residue with a damp cloth.
Apply the content of a vial of .331 COLLAGENACT to the critical points and massage with light movements until completely
absorbed. Massage the entire content of a .332 LIPOLYSE sachet on the areas to be treated until completely absorbed.
Open the package of the bandage, squeeze the bandage and collect the excess liquid in a bowl. Proceed with applying the bandage by choosing one of the following options depending on the area to be treated:
LEGS AND GLUTEALS >bandage each leg starting from the ankle up to the abdomen by matching the two bandages.
ARMS >bandage each arm starting from the wrists up to the shoulders.
• Apply the previously stored liquid with a brush.
• Cover the client with cartene and leave on for 30 minutes.
Conclude the treatment by massaging an adequate quantity of .307 CELLULITE PLUS cream with large, circular movements until
completely absorbed.

60 minutes.

• Pressomassage
• Electrolipolysis/Ultrasound
• Infrared
• Vibrating platform
*The client is advised not to take a shower for the next 3 hours, to ensure the action of the active ingredients even after the treatment.

One kit one client.
It can be offered to clients of any age and is suitable for all skin types including the most sensitive ones. It can be combined with technologies such as pressomassage, infrared and ultrasound plates. The client is advised not to take a shower in the following 3 hours, to guarantee the action of the active ingredients even after the treatment.

In order not to lose the results obtained, we recommend applying .515 CELLULITE at home, every day, in the morning and .516CELLUNIGHT in the evening and using .521 SILHOUETTE PANTS 1-2 times a week. Complete instructions inside the kit and on the following page.

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Intensive treatment against skin blemishes related to advanced cellulite. A targeted formula based on NOCTURSHAPE™, a biotechnological active ingredient of marine origin tested for its effectiveness in counteracting nocturnin, the protein responsible for the accumulation of fat during the night. It also contains Caffeine and Carnitine, known for their high lipolytic power, and the Collagenase enzyme which, by selectively breaking down the amorphous collagen around the fat cells, favors the degradation of the fibrous nodules .516 CELLUNIGHT, applied every night, helps reduce the annoying "orange peel" skin and improves skin elasticity and tone.

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Home use cosmetic treatment formulated to act against the imperfections caused by cellulite, even at an advanced level. Its formula contains an innovative delivery system that encapsulates Phosphatidylcholine which, thanks to its properties, is able to dissolve fat by reducing the size of adipocytes. Associated with Caffeine and Carnitine, it promotes the metabolism of fatty acids, counteracting their accumulation in adipose tissue. Its formula is also enriched with the Collagenase enzyme which promotes the rupture of the amorphous collagen bundles which, by compressing the adipocytes, contribute to the formation of fibrous nodules.


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