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Ultrasound/micro-currents device with fixed plates

Special body programme device working through a combined and synergic use of ultrasounds along with as many as six kinds of different electric waves to achieve a unique and complete effect. This equipment combines a synergic use of ultrasound and electrolipolytic currents for a more complete, more effective and deeper treatment of localized build-ups of adipose tissue, cellular lipodystrophy, water retention and relaxation of the skin.

n. 8 ultrasound plates
n. 1 pouch with n. 8 pockets
n. 4 elastic bands (L) 60 x (H) 10 cm
n. 3 elastic bands (L) 90 x (H) 10 cm
n. 1 elastic bands (L) 105 x (H) 10 cm
n. 16 silicon electrodes 60x85 mm
n. 5 memory cards

SKU code ART431020

FUNCTION: Portable device. Easy to install and operate. Easy to use.
CHARACTERISTICS: 8 plates that transmit ultrasound and electricity, 3 categories of treatments: drainage and cellulite, tone, wellness.
EQUIPMENT: n. 8 ultrasound plates, n. 1 pouch with n. 8 pockets, n. 4 elastic bands (L) 60 x (H) 10 cm, n. 3 elastic bands (L) 90 x (H) 10 cm, n. 1 elastic bands (L) 105 x (H) 10 cm, n. 16 silicon electrodes 60×85 mm, n. 5 memory cards.

Dimensions of the device: 26x26x12 cm
Weight:2 Kg
CE certified product
Read the instruction manual for all information.

Arosha WaveShape 3.0 combined with Arosha’s bandages treatment guarantees effective and rapid improvements with visible results from the first sessions as well as allowing the beautician to work “hands free”. Preliminary statistical results demonstrate the evidence of the results obtained.

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Arosha Method

Arosha Method

A professional, unique and distinctive Method. Combining science and technology, Arosha has developed a THREEPHASE strategy, applicable for face and body. RESET, RESTORE and ATTACK constantly supported by CHECK UP and BOOST to give result-oriented, synergistic action


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Arosha Ambassador

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