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Reset Face
Professional use


Superficial peels recommended for anti-ageing and pigment unifying treatments; it also has anti- seborrheic properties that renders it suitable for treating acne and seborrhoea. Improves the appearance of spots and wrinkles, ensuring gentle and progressive exfoliation and optimal skin tolerance.The immediate effect of brightness that it gives renders it particularly suitable before special occasions, parties or events.It is ideal for all biotypes and can be used throughout all seasons.

Restore Face
Professional use


The new line of Arosha products is designed to act effectively against problems related to skin dehydration. It was inspired by the art of Saho, the ancient Japanese beauty ritual.

The very light and impalpable textures combine and expertly overlap to precisely create different of layers that nourish, seal and protect the skin. It consists of three products characterized by a selection of active ingredients that work with a double mechanism of action: from the inside it reinforces the barrier function and promotes the generation of NMF (natural hydration factor of the skin), from the outside it creates a protective film which reduces the evaporation of water.

Starting from the first treatment, the skin is be visibly hydrated, plumped, brighter and more elastic.

Restore Face
Professional use


A rich emulsion specifically designed to favour the restoration of the optimal conditions of the hydrolipidic film—an essential treatment for providing everything needed for even the most exacting skin, reducing the feeling of rightness. Thanks to the rich selection of active ingredients, an enveloping and soft texture reconstructs the skin barrier damaged by external or internal factors.It confers LIPOPHILIC and HYDROPHILIC substances to the skin, along with a “PRO-BIOTIC LIKE” ingredient for a healthy appearance.

Restore Face
Professional use


This face cream with high nourishing and moisturising power restores the right level of lipids and suppleness in the skin. The powerful antioxidant action further prevents signs of ageing. Pro Barrier is ideal for combination and oily complexions, conferring the nourishment and hydration needed for beautiful and healthy skin. A true multifunctional treatment, Pro Barrier prevents ageing of the skin thanks to the combined action of the active ingredients contained within, amongst which is an innovative antioxidant complex of plant origin that limits oxidative stress and strengthens the skin’s defences. Dermatologically-tested formula. A non-comedogenic product*.