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Attack Body
Professional use


Special body programme device working through a combined and synergic use of ultrasounds along with as many as six kinds of different electric waves to achieve a unique and complete effect. This equipment combines a synergic use of ultrasound and electrolipolytic currents for a more complete, more effective and deeper treatment of localized build-ups of adipose tissue, cellular lipodystrophy, water retention and relaxation of the skin.

n. 8 ultrasound plates
n. 1 pouch with n. 8 pockets
n. 4 elastic bands (L) 60 x (H) 10 cm
n. 3 elastic bands (L) 90 x (H) 10 cm
n. 1 elastic bands (L) 105 x (H) 10 cm
n. 16 silicon electrodes 60x85 mm
n. 5 memory cards

Boost Body
Home use


Gel cream formulated with specific active ingredients with draining and vasotonic properties that help improve microcirculation and promote the drainage of excess fluids. Thanks to NIOCONTROL technology, an innovative delivery system based on Niosomes, it makes the functional principles contained better and gradually available, for an optimal result. An ultra-light and comfortable texture, easy to apply and specially designed to be absorbed quickly without greasing.

Boost Body
Home use


Intensive slimming and anti-water cosmetic treatment designed to counteract the imperfections of cellulite. Contains the innovative SLIM COMPLEX which helps improve skin circulation and Caffeine with a lipolytic action which facilitates the destocking and melting of fats. Its formula is also enriched with Carnitine and compounds of essential oils that promote the drainage of liquids while vegetable oils and shea butter nourish and improve the elasticity of the skin, leaving it smooth and compact.