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Gentle exfoliating gel

Innovative peeling with acid pH (pH 3-3.5) based on latest generation polyhydroxy acids that renews, purifies and smoothes the skin and prepares it for the following steps. The delicate exfoliating power of Lactobionic Acids and Gluconolactone help eliminate dead cells favouring cell turnover and the Ferulic Acid, known for its antioxidant properties, it helps maintain a youthful appearance. Also suitable for the most sensitive skin.

Only available in kit
Contained in these kits
Packaging Single-dose sachet 30 ml
  • Impure skin with imperfections
  • Skin that needs regeneration
  • Glowless and dull skin
  • Exfoliation and tissue regeneration
  • Soft and smooth skin
  • Uniform and radiant skin

LACTOBIONIC ACID – Disaccharide formed by the association of gluconic acid, a polyhydroxy acid, and a sugar molecule, galactose. It promotes gentle exfoliation and cell renewal, modulating the keratinization process. Applied to the skin it tends to produce a thin surface film. In fact, due to its high molecular weight, it is difficult to penetrate the skin compared to smaller alpha-hydroxy acids. At the same time, this slower and more delicate absorption makes it more tolerated by sensitive skin. In addition, it has anti-oxidant and soothing properties and has a stimulating effect on collagen production. GLUCONOLACTONE – Like Lactobionic Acid, it is a polyhydroxy acid. Applied to the skin, it promotes exfoliation, modulating the keratinization process and stimulating skin renewal. From a chemical point of view, it consists of a lactone ring which releases gluconic acid, responsible for the activity of the molecule, due to the hydrolytic action of the moisture of the skin. Gluconolactone has a strong long-term hygroscopic and moisturizing power, thanks to the presence of numerous hydroxyl groups. It also has good antioxidant and restorative properties damaged skin barrier. Unlike the most common chemical exfoliants it is not irritating and does not induce photosensitization. FERULIC ACID – Phytochemical substance present in the seeds and leaves of many plants (rice, oats, wheat). Thanks to its particular chemical structure it has a high antioxidant power. It is able to reduce the negative effects of many external agents, such as cold, pollution, overly aggressive products, counteracting dryness, irritation and redness. In addition, it promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin maintaining the natural elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Apply the Soft Peeling Gel all over the body with a brush and leave it to act for 2 minutes before removing it thoroughly. For easy application, it is recommended that the customer stands upright. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes and broken skin. Rinse immediately if irritation occurs. PROFESSIONAL USE.


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Arosha Method

Arosha Method

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